Hinode Musings: The 5 Deres of all Harems!

Ah romance! Most seek it at some point even if only in our dreams and the media we consume T^T now you may have noticed when it comes to anime, manga or video games with animeness attached, they have a certain way they like to address romance. It’s exactly the saaaaaaame!!! Well not entirely but as humans we do love repeated patterns! We fall for the same thing over and over again and that includes love interests.

Deredere is onomatopoeia in Japanese and means love struck so any character type with dere attached refers to a type of love interest and how they act when in love. In the romance genre or any series with romantic elements there are 5 prominent deres, these apply to both male and female characters, so let’s fall in love ❤️

sailor venus.png

Don’t be afraid!

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Species Spotlight on The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Fae Folk, The Royalty

Moving on from Elias and Ashen Eye let’s take a look at the royalty of the fae, while not actually a thing in mythology as there is rarely one ruler of everything, especially not anything less than a deity. The monarchy plays an important part in the Ancient Magus’ Bride, and what is a monarchy without quirky/homicidal personalities?

I feel the royalty was made for simplicity sake, in Celtic mythology there is actually quite a few kings and queens of different groups. This is usually the more ‘civilised’ fae like elves and fairies who are actually interested in a hierarchy and have intellect. Most fae don’t care at all about any of their kind or similar and so would definitely not cooperate in a monarchy ruled society xD

Stand off

Being formidable does promote servitude though!

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Species Spotlight on The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Fae Folk, The Heavy Hitters!

As I said in my introduction I want to first start looking at the most critical fae to the series, we have many important characters and as I was watching I found it interesting to see how true to their nature the creator stuck with many of the fairies. Of course every creator wants to leave their mark on their characters so I will look at the character as a whole, the fairy they are based off and what differences we see in how they are depicted.


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Species Spotlight on The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Fae Folk Introduction

Ah time for another species spotlight, this time on The Ancient Magus’ Bride, this series is filled with European folklore with a specific focus on British/Celtic variants. As there are so many that can be discussed I will split this spotlight into parts so don’t worry if you have yet to see one of your favourite creatures, it will be covered… eventually. I’m hoping to do it in order of importance to the story/character influence so I hope that makes sense.

Fairies love you!

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Magic Societies in The Ancient Magus’ Bride

Now the series is over I can finally spam all these extra posts! Expect spoilers for the anime series!

Throughout the show we see how magic plays a huge part in the world and Chise’s life. Magic itself isn’t really described but to me it’s similar to an energy source that is tapped into/manipulated by things and is as natural and necessary for life as oxygen and sunlight. But also as harmful in large doses xD

Obviously this leads to humans wanting to use it and having very different ideas of how it should be used. The method people use depends on a variety of factors, some people can’t use some methods at all, while others actively pick which suits their ethics and morals. Naturally factions started to form between people and we have different groups because of this. As I see it we have 4 main groups.


Magic takes a lot of training

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The Ancient Magus’ Bride Review

Wow what a roller coaster of emotion this series has been! What originally gave the impression of a beauty and the beast fairy tale romance evolved into something far greater and magical than I think most people were prepared for. The series is a great example of how you can blend multiple genres and stories together for an extremely satisfying series overall.

Chise and ruth as her familiar

Action, romance, true friendship, horror, comedy and hardship are all present in this story

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Celebrate the victories! And a character that influenced me…

Good news everyone! My blog has broken 1000 views a month consistently! I’m so proud of my baby T^T

OK so it’s not the biggest or prettiest blog ever but it’s growing like a beautiful flower or occasionally a parasitic fungus xD It may not seem like much but considering it’s mainly filled with posts analysing anime in every detail, in way too much detail, I’m pleasantly surprised that people are interested in it.

In celebration of this momentous occasion I thought I could write about a character that means quite a bit to me and influenced my tastes growing up.

Sailor moon

Woo sweet victory!!!

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Napping Princess Review

Got the chance to watch this recently after seeing it pop up in my recommendations. The synopsis piqued my interest describing itself as a story about a girl who dreams about adventures in a magical kingdom which eventually bleed into real life. It’s not an extremely original concept but the art looked nice and I do like seeing how two realities fit together.

The artwork is beautiful and is very reminiscent of Studio Ghibli however the biggest selling point, the dream world and real world, is its biggest flaw.

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